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Ideas to earn online

Ideas to earn online, is one unique term, that doesn’t lose its fame among people. Since the outbreak of pandemic and the unavoidable lock down people are in constant search for online money.

Is it really possible to make a living online? Can I do it to get rich? The answer… it depends on the type of person you are and the time you are ready to invest in it.

Earning money online is not a cake walk. If someone says that you can earn easy money online, never fall for it. Everything takes it own time to settle, so does earning money online. Of course there are some simple ideas or methods to earn online, but you cannot expect a lot from it.

Through this mini-series, I will try my best to list few methods to make money online with detailed procedure. Hope this would help you in earning some money online.

Let us start with some ideas to earn online, which don’t need investment as well as much work. These methods can earn money online, but that won’t be enough for a living. These methods are suitable for those who need some extra bucks apart from their regular income.

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Earn money through online surveys
Before you sign up for the survey websites
Opinion World
Rakuten Insight
User Testing

Ideas to earn money through online surveys

Online surveys are a common and simple method to earn money online. You have to just complete a survey to earn some money. Most of the surveys concentrate on consumer behavior and expectations. These are being conducted for corporate companies and bigger brands to improve their products.

Joining these survey platforms is simple, just get into their websites and register yourself with your email Ids. Once you verify your email address, start completing your profile. This part is extremely important in survey websites, since based on our profile you will receive survey opportunities. Once you complete the profile, wait for the surveys will start popping up.

Before you sign up for the survey websites

1. Through these websites you can earn around Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 or even Rs. 1000 per month. There are websites that offer you regular surveys with less value and fewer surveys with huge values.

2. These survey websites calculate your earnings as reward points, each website name it with different terms, like rewards points, SBs, Epoints and so on.

3. You can redeem the reward points as Gift cards which can be of any brand, that’s being offered by the survey website. Few survey websites offer cash withdrawal.

4. Every survey website has a threshold for releasing payment. It ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500. Only when you reach this threshold, you will be allowed to withdraw the earning.

5. You cannot take all the surveys. Few surveys might disqualify you, as the survey might be for different set of people. For example if the survey is to get opinion from people who work in manufacturing sector and if you belong to some other sector you might be disqualified to take the survey.

Here is the list of few survey panels to start with

This panel is popular among lot of people. The registration process is simple; you can also use your Facebook login to register. The survey frequency is better comparing other panels, but you might be disqualified for almost half of the surveys, since they offer survey from multiple sectors. The rewards are awarded as points. You can redeem your points once you reach 500 points. It took me more than three months to reach my threshold. The reward points can be redeemed as gift cards of brands that’s listed in the redeem section.

Rakuten Insights

This is a new entrant in this category. It is from the popular Rakuten marketing group. Again the registration process is simple. You can register only using your email Id, this panel doesn’t allow registration through any other social media accounts. You might get a survey once in a week; at times you might receive more than a survey a week. Each survey carries a preloaded Epoints. If you complete the survey the Epoints will awarded to your account. Once you reach 100 Epoints you can redeem it as Gift cards. It took me two months to reach 100 Epoints.


The one leader in the survey panel websites, Swagbuks doesn’t stop with surveys. It offers so many options to earn SB (Reward points). You can earn reward points for using their search engines, watching videos, shopping through their websites and others. Swagbucks offer activities every day, basically you have to login to take up any task listed in the site. Minimum threshold is 500 SBs. The reward points can be redeemed as Gift cards. You can use your Facebook login to register and login to the panel.


Usertesting is not a survey panel, it is a review site. You have to review websites to earn rewards here. They will list the sites that needed reviewing, your work is to review it using Usertesting’s screen recorder. Yes! You have to surf the website and you have to keep reviewing while surfing it. This should be recorded using Usertesting screen recorder. You should have a proper system with either inbuilt Mic or an external Mic to record your voice. You would get $10 per review. Though you won’t get review opportunity regularly, but it is quite handy to earn some extra money. To register in the website you should use your email Id, no social media logins are allowed. Once you register you have record a sample review using Usertesting screen recorder. If your review is good your application will be accepted. Make sure to use proper language and clear voice to record the review.

Though these websites may not give you enough to make the living, it is worthy to earn some extra money. There are a bunch of other sites that offer surveys; I haven’t listed them since I haven’t tried them. The above mentioned sites are tried and tested ones.

Apart from these panels, there are few survey communities like Cspace Spectrum which accepts invite based members. These communities offer regular monthly income like $10 to spend 2 to 10 hours a month. If you keep working with survey panels you might get an invitation from these communities.
Our best wishes goes with you.

Note: We will bring other earning opportunity in our next installment of Ideas to earn online article.

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