Simple hacks to save money regularly

Simple hacks to save thousands every year

How to save money even from our regular expenses. Here are some hacks to do so.

“Too many people spend money they earned…
to buy things they don’t want…
to impress people that they don’t like”

– Will Rogers

Another article about saving money? Hang on! Nah this is not about saving money from your pay check or income. You can still keep spending money as you wish. Then what’s this article about? It is all about saving through spending. Confused?

I am going to share few hacks or tricks that I follow to save money from my spending. It is all about spending in the right way. The tricks I suggest here are tried out and result yielding ones.

Note: Before I list the hacks, do understand instant money is just an illusion. To save money or to create wealth patience is the key.

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Save money from spending through debit cards
How to save from fuel expenses?
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Earning rewards through credit cards is possible, but…

Save money from spending through debit cards

Do you spend a lot? Here is a trick to save money from it (At least Re. 1 for every Rs. 400 you spend) From now on do all your spending using a debit card, but before you do that make sure that your debit card is linked with a loyalty program. Now a day’s most of the banks offer debit cards linked with a loyalty program to earn reward points.  The sad truth is most of us never utilize it.

On a rough note if you spend Rs. 15000 every month that includes groceries, provisions, clothing and others you can earn a minimum of Rs. 35 every month (Do you think it’s less? Just calculate it for a year it is almost Rs. 400 which is equal to three months worth prepaid recharge)

Be it monthly expenses, recharges, mobile phone purchase or anything use debit cards. This would help you to save a lot of money every year.

There is an opportunity to double your reward points. You can club the reward points offered by few shops, retailers, showrooms with the debit card rewards to double your earning.

How to save from fuel expenses?

Traveling has become a part of our daily routine. Here are few tricks to save your money in traveling. Do you prefer public transport? Then go for monthly pass or yearly pass. This would reduce your spending to a reasonable extend. This would be known to many, but we may not have used it. It might consume your time a bit, since you have to visit the transport office for the formalities, but it’s worth the pain.

Save money from fuel expenses

Rather if you prefer your own vehicle (petrol or diesel vehicles not electric), you have an excellent opportunity to save some money through your fuel spending. Try to enroll in a fuel loyalty program. Both Indian oil and BPCL have their own programs (Not sure about HPCL and Reliance, if you know any do share in the comment section). Both are different in their reward system.

Indian Oil:

Once you register for Xtrarewards (The loyalty program by IOCL), you will get a card number. From then on every time when you refuel your vehicle you can quote your card number or mobile number in the fuel station to add loyalty points. Once you earn considerable points you can redeem it for free fuel.

Note: As of now for every hundred spent you will get 1 reward point. Once you accumulate 223 reward points you can get free fuel worth Rs. 100. Yes it might be less, but something is better for nothing. If you use your vehicle a lot (Like marketing executive or others) this would yield you ample benefits.


Whereas in BPCL once you register you will get a Petro card. The card is similar to a debit card. You have to load money in the card and use the card while fueling. This card can also be used for shopping in specific stores. Whenever you use this card, points will be added based on your spending. Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem the points for special gifts that BPCL offers (Points cannot be redeemed for free fuel)

Add on: To get double the benefit in Indian oil pay for fuel using Debit card and load loyalty points. As per digital India scheme, if you pay for fuel with debit card you will get 0.75% cash back for every Rs. 100 spend.

So you get cash back, loyalty points from your bank for using the debit card and also you will be getting loyalty points for fueling in Indian oil. Whereas in BPCL load money into your petro card using a debit card to get loyalty points from your bank

Note: Though loyalty points from oil companies earn less it is better to get something instead of nothing. Moreover if you try Indian oil they offer cash back offer regularly, like 10% cash back for using Rupay card, lucky draw offer if you fill for more than Rs. 200 and so on. You may not win the lucky draws instantly, but when you do it regularly the chances are better.

Save money while shopping

We always spend a lot in shopping. There are few ways to save money through shopping. First let us start with provisions and home needs. There few hacks to save from spending in shopping

1. Loyalty programs:
When it comes to provisions and home needs find a super market that offer loyalty points for every purchase you make. There are a handful of super markets in every town that offers this. Make sure to quote your loyalty program number every time you make a purchase. This might range from 1 point per hundred spent to 5 points per hundred rupees spent.

2. Buy in bulks:
When you purchase provisions make sure you buy the bigger ones. For example instead of purchasing a small toothpaste tube of 50g which costs Rs .15 you can buy 200g which would cost you between Rs. 50 -Rs. 55. Here instead of spending Rs. 60 for 200g you will be spending Rs. 55.

Whenever you buy products, that has long duration for expiry, buy in bulk. Through this you can save a lot of money. This would work for soaps, toothpastes, talcum powder and lot of other products.

Another simple trick is to buy sachets instead of bottles. In general, bottles cost more than sachets, since the cost of bottle is included in it. For example 340 ml of Clinic Plus bottle costs between Rs. 135 to 150 (Rates change in retail stores and whole sale stores), but a 6ml sachet of the same Clinic plus costs Re. 1. With Rs. 135 you can buy around 800 ml of shampoo in sachets. Moreover super markets give products with MRP at whole sale price. So you get products at reduced price.

Note: Prices may vary; the price mentioned above was checked using online retailers.

3. Products with altered MRP:
Never buy food items like Rice, Dhal, pulses, millets and others in super markets. Buy them from a whole sale shop, where you can buy at low cost. Generally the super markets raise the price of these items by packing it themselves and marking higher price on the pockets. So it’s always better to buy these goods from a whole sale shop.

4. Super saver offers:
Always search for super saver offers. At times every brand comes up with different offers. One example is washing powders. Big companies often announce half kg washing powder free for 2kgs and so on. Try these offers to reduce your spending.

One regular offer I find is Cinthol money saver pack, where you get 4 numbers of 150g Cinthol in one pack, with one number of 75g soap free. It costs Rs. 210, whereas 100g of Cinthol soap costs Rs. 35. Through the money saver pack you can save the cost of one 75g soap.

Doubling the rewards:
Always pay using a debit card in super markets and in whole sale shops (If available), this would give you reward through super market loyalty program and the debit card loyalty program.

Save money through online wallets and portals

Off course this has become quite a trend now, using online portals and apps for transactions is the best way to save ample money. These online portals and wallet are excellent source to save from our spending.

Recharges and bill payments:
There are a handful of online portals and apps to do prepaid recharge, bill payments of any type. Create an account in two or three apps; this would be enough to get rewards every month. Apps like Freecharge gives flat cash backs every month. On average this app gives away Rs. 10 as flat cash back. There are other apps that offer monthly cash backs. Try two or three that you trust for regular cash backs.

Money transfer:
Stop using NEFT for money transfers less than 1 lakh. UPI has become popular tool to do simple money transfers. Try using Phone Pe, GPay or other UPI apps. You can earn cash backs for transferring money. (Not on every transaction). These apps give you extra credit for referring your friends and family to join the app.

Earning rewards through credit cards is possible, but…

I haven’t listed credit card in the above tricks, since credit cards are meant for credit expenses. If you pay your credit card bills on time, then using a credit card in place of a debit is an excellent option. Credit card rewards are higher than debit cards, but make sure to pay your credit card bills on time or you will end up with looses.

 These are few of the methods to save money through our spending.  Have tested them myself and have repeated the benefits. If there is any other method that I have missed or the ones which you tried with good benefits do share it in the comment section. I am looking forward to read your tricks.

Note: The real benefit of learning something comes when we share it with others. If you are happy with the tricks above, do share it with your friends and family. Let them utilize the benefits.        

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